• Elena A. Lavrinenko
  • Vladimir A. Kalugin
  • Yana Yu. Bondareva
  • Nadejda S. Borzenkova
  • Igor N
Keywords: proactive monitoring, investment projects, expert groups, hierarchy analysis method, the consequences of the investment project, evaluation criteria


Investment projects evaluation is considered in the article. Authors offer using developed mathematical apparatus integrated into a proactive monitoring system for the benefit of investment projects assessment.  Proactive monitoring systems have a great capacity for improving decision making on entering investment projects, which can be widely used by commercial companies, state bodies, banks, etc. Using mathematical based evaluation systems will help ranking investment projects to select the best and most promising among the available. Based on the study, the author sees it best to apply mathematical models and concentrate on conceptual investment projects for reducing monitoring and evaluation costs, as well as initial development costs. Optimal ways to form expert groups for investment project proactive monitoring is offered in conclusion.


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