• Nina N. Gakhova
  • Vladimir P. Pashintsev
  • Eugene K. Katkov
  • Tatyana V. Zaytseva
  • Tatyana N. Balabanova
Keywords: satellite radio navigation systems, size of ionospheric inhomogeneities, artificial disturbances of the ionosphere, the probability of arising the frequency-selective fading, coherence band of the transionospheric channel.


The work deals with the issues of the determination of the probability of frequency-selective fading (FSF) of navigational radio signals in satellite radio navigation systems under artificial ionosphere disturbances. The connection between the coherence band of the trans-ionospheric channel and the conditional size of ionospheric inhomogeneities is established. Based on the results of computer simulation, the threshold values of the Mean square deviation (MSD) of fluctuations of the total electron content in the inclined radio-line are determined, in which the probability of frequency-selective fading is high. This study will enable improving the operation of the developed information system of the ionosphere monitoring.


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