• Sergei P. Belov
  • Evgeniy G. Zhilyakov
  • Sergey A. Raczynski
  • Aleksandr S. Belov
  • Andrei S. Belov
  • Ivan Iv. Oleynik
Keywords: high-orbit satellite telecommunication systems, search and synchronization algorithm, broadband noise-like signals with linear frequency modulation


Currently, one of the dominant types of information exchange is remote interaction between geographically distributed subscribers using a wide range of wireless telecommunication systems. One of the important requirements for such systems is the minimum processing time of received signals and the provision of their reliability required level. Meeting this requirement is actually impossible without the availability of effective devices for these signals search and synchronization. A particularly complicated process is the development of search and synchronization devices for high-orbit satellite telecommunication systems, since there is also a frequency mismatch in these systems caused by the Doppler Effect, along with the mismatch of received signals with reference signals by the time of their arrival.

In this regard, the article proposes the fast search and synchronization algorithm for high-orbit satellite telecommunication systems when they are used as the information carriers of broadband noise-like signals with linear frequency modulation. The developed algorithm is based on the consideration of development peculiarities for these signals.


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